North Sea Operators Well Productivity Network

The North Sea Operators Well Productivity Network (NSWPN) was established in 2015 following an initiative to form a technical network of Operator representatives specialising in reservoir drilling and completion fluids, formation damage and general well productivity.

The NSWPN was initiated by Equinor, BP and Shell. The Network currently has 160 members from 25 North Sea Operators and is managed by a steering committee from Equinor (Niall Fleming), BP (Phillip Jackson), Shell (Alistair Hutton), AXIS (Mike Byrne) and THREE60 Energy (Allan Twynam).

The NSWPN meets quarterly by video / audio conference (2 hours) with a specific theme for discussion with one face to face meeting (2 day) per year.

Knowledge & Experience

Share knowledge and experience with a network of leading experts in completion, workover and production from North Sea operating companies.

Challenges & Solutions

Learn from presentations and discussions concerning the challenges and solutions to maximizing well productivity and injectivity.

Technologies & Techniques

Meet with colleagues and gain fresh insight into the latest technologies and techniques in identifying, preventing and remediating formation damage.

Productivity & Efficiency

Exchange information on well productivity and efficiency issues without commercial bias, hence the network excludes service company representatives for this reason.

The network has now grown in membership, visibility and value such that a website has been developed to maximise the effectiveness of the network and simplify the administration. “Full” membership is available for a small membership fee. “Guest” membership is free of charge, but the level of access is restricted.

NSWPN Members

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We are still working hard on the programme for the two-day event. Topics for the event will cover – Drilling, Completion, Injection and Production.

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