This year we planned to feature a small one-day post-Forum workshop on the 25 August 2022, delivered by Allan Twynam of THREE60 Energy and Mike Byrne of AXIS, well known leaders in sand management.

Due to late promotion and low numbers we have decided to cancel this for 2022.

Reservoir Damage Avoidance – All You Need to Know

This course is intended for industry professionals who wish to develop or expand their knowledge of reservoir damage avoidance and how optimum productivity and injectivity can be assured.

The workshop will be delivered by Mike Byrne of AXIS and Allan Twynam of THREE60 Energy.

Limited number of places will be available.
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The workshop will be delivered by Mike Byrne of AXIS and Allan Twynam of THREE60 Energy.

They will explore how lower completion and fluid choice can influence well productivity and injectivity. We will discuss lower completion selection criteria and propose a process to design the correct fluid for reservoir drilling, completion, clean-up and interventions.

The workshop will cover both design and execution practices to optimize well performance by protection of the near wellbore together with safeguarding of the lower completion.

The following topics will be presented to generate discussion:

  • Examples of how productivity and damage issues are addressed through laboratory testing and modelling
  • Recent advances in fluid engineering, modelling, and laboratory testing, together with some potential areas for further improvement
  • Relevant case histories outlining the decision processes and technologies used

The workshop will be highly interactive, offering the opportunity to examine and debate the issues of greatest concern to participants.

Benefits and agenda

This workshop is ideal for anyone who wants to achieve a  better understanding of achieving optimum well productivity. It will also present some snapshots of current thinking and recent case histories.


9.00       Introduction

9.15       Understanding  the Reservoir and Lower Completion Selection Criteria

10.00      The Importance of Formation and Completion Damage Avoidance

10.50     Break

11.00     Fluids Design for Maximum Productivity

12.00     Lunch

13.00     Complex and Suspended Wells: Laboratory Testing

14.00     Upscaling & Well Perspective

14.50     Break

15.00     Case Studies

16.00     Close of event