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AXIS – organising sponsor

Axis is an independent international energy consultancy, providing Well Operations, Well and Reservoir Studies (WRS) and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) expertise to the global energy industry.

We have been delivering specialist well productivity related services for more than 20 years which has been provided by industry leading experts within subsurface, production technology, production chemistry, completion engineering, flow assurance, geomechanics, formation damage and CFD inflow modelling. Our experts have been supporting numerous clients and fields in the North Sea and globally.

Since our beginnings in 2001, our Well Operations division have provided a wide range of key services to the energy industry including design, planning, supervision and post analysis of well operations projects as well as access to knowledge sharing and a large portfolio of key learnings from our significant project experience.

The Well & Reservoir Studies (WRS) division focuses on all aspects of reservoir development. From exploration, reservoir modelling, production engineering or carbon capture and decommissioning, our highly skilled teams have the expertise to assist our Client’s specific requirements.

Axis’ newest service line, Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), comprises independent technical services to evaluate and develop storage assets, from initial feasibility to detailed pre-FEED and FEED studies.

Our aim, in line with our company values, has always been to provide our global client base with best-in-class services, with an unwavering focus on safety and quality. For further information, email is at or visit our website

Equinor – organising sponsor

Equinor is a broad international energy company headquartered in Norway and with operations in more than 30 countries around the world with more than 20,000 employees. 67% of the company is owned by the Norwegian state.

We are committed to meeting the world’s energy needs in a responsible manner, applying technology and creating innovative solutions.

We are a company built on our Norwegian heritage and pioneering spirit and have developed the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) to become one of the world’s leading petroleum regions. We are also the world’s largest offshore operator, the second-largest gas exporter to Europe, and a growing force in renewables. We are the world leader in carbon capture storage and carbon efficiency in oil and gas production. While seeking to satisfy growing energy demand we recognize the need to minimize impact on our environment.

We are engaged in exploration, development and production of oil and gas, as well as wind and solar power. We sell crude oil and are a major supplier of natural gas, with activities in processing, refining, and trading. Our activities are managed through eight business areas, staffs and support divisions, and we have operations in North and South America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania, and Norway.

For further information and contact, please visit our web site:

Contacting Equinor – Useful links and contact form –

Quick facts:

  • 21,245 employees (2020)
  • Norwegian State ownership: 67%
  • Total revenues: 45,818 USD million (2020)
  • Total assets: 121,972 USD million (2020)
  • Equity oil and gas production: 2,070 mboe/day (2020)
  • Renewable power generation: 1.7 TWh (2020)
  • Head office: Stavanger, Norway. Tel. +47 51 99 00 00. 
FracTech Laboratories

FracTech Laboratories is a global testing solutions company serving the international energy industry for over 25 years. Clients include supermajors, NOC’s, global service companies and smaller niche manufacturers. We also collaborate with consultants and other specialists around the world.

Based in Europe, FTL focusses on providing innovative and technically advanced test solutions for oil and gas, geothermal, carbon capture and offshore windfarms. Combining an established geo-mechanical testing facility with core flood capability, we are able to replicate the chemical and physical interactions between your reservoir core and treatment fluids under realistic down-hole conditions. Including the role of stress, we are ideally placed to measure the response of sensitive formations including chalks and unconsolidated sandstones to such treatments. We can identify sources of formation damage and work with clients to create solutions to mitigate their effects and improve production. Our work enables clients to make many vital decisions for design and development.

In addition to supporting operators, service companies and product development companies worldwide with routine rock testing, proppant qualification, materials testing, fluids testing, FTL specializes in exceeding the boundaries with innovative testing protocols. Building on nearly 30 years of experience and over 3500 completed technical studies, we ensure we are never re-inventing the wheel. Executing programs with a complete customer focus and the ability to offer bespoke testing, we are your go-to for complex and challenging test solutions.

Contact: David Milton-Tayler by email:, or our website:

Impact Fluids – lanyard sponsor


Impact Fluid Solutions develops advanced oilfield additives purpose-built to solve complex wellbore challenges. We are at the forefront of Wellbore Shielding® and stabilization science, delivering measurable performance improvements in the most unstable formations worldwide. Our Wellbore Shielding® technologies are applicable to both the drilling and cementing phases of well construction and can mitigate against multiple NPT-generators such as losses, collapsed hole, cavings, stuck pipe, low LOT/FIT, failure to achieve design TOC, poor CBL and the resultant remedial cementing that these can necessitate.

As an R&D-intensive organization, we invest heavily in our state-of-the-art Global Technology Center in the U.K. We also maintain offices in Mexico, U.A.E. and Malaysia, as well as a global sales and support network, including a representative in Norway. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Houston, Impact has built a successful track record spanning six continents, with our technology used in over 10,000 wells across more than 50 countries, which Includes successful multi-well campaigns for operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Impact was built on a set of core values that guide our business. At the center of those values is the belief that our company must serve all our diverse stakeholders, and our broader community. We believe that holding true to these values has a positive impact on our company’s culture and industry reputation, and therefore on both our short-term and long-term performance.

Marwell – dinner sponsor


Specializing in wellbore construction and completion, Marwell develop exciting technologies in-house, as well as collaborate with some of the industry’s leading suppliers and service companies. 

By applying well-first thinking, performance and results are the goal. Our agility enables us to be more efficient, effective, and more direct than conventional models can allow for, while our focus is on keeping things simple. With well-first thinking, we always find the optimum solution.

As well as being dinner sponsors and exhibitors Marwell and Metrol have recorded a webinar for you to view, simply click on the YouTube link below.


For over 30 years and 1100 well projects Metrol has been creating world-class downhole wireless solutions for the oil industry using acoustic, electromagnetic and inductive telemetry. Historically these wireless solutions have been mostly used in the well test market, but Metrol have recently teamed up with Marwell to adapt the technology for use in completion applications on the NCS. This January wireless Metrol gauges were installed 1.4 km into the open hole reservoir section for a client on the NCS, and three more installations will go in the ground this summer. These gauges will provide near real-time data for the reservoir and production teams, and provide them with invaluable data to understand their reservoir and optimize the production on the field. Since there are no depth limitations for the gauges monitoring can be achieved independent of well depths. Metrol also offers wireless B-annulus monitoring and can retrofit gauges in existing completions where the permanent gauge have failed. In addition to wireless monitoring Metrol have a portfolio of wirelessly controlled valves, and the first wireless completion ICV will be qualified and ready for delivery this year. As the leading wireless company on battery technology Metrol can now offer up to 30 year lifespan!

As well as being dinner sponsors and exhibitors Marwell and Metrol have recorded a webinar for you to view, simply click on the YouTube link below.

Premier COREX


Premier COREX are one of the world’s leading providers of independent consultancy and specialist services integrating reservoir rock and fluid measurements across multiple disciplines to deliver completions and reservoir solutions in unconventional and conventional plays.

Our services include Conventional Core & Special Core Analysis, PVT & Organic Chemistry, NMR, Reservoir Geology, Geochemistry, EOR and Carbon Capture and Storage. We are also recognised as the world leaders in Formation Damage testing and analysis and centre of excellence in Aberdeen, UK being considered the largest independent facility of its type in the world.

Over the past 45+ years we have grown rapidly increasing our capabilities and service offerings to meet demand and expanding our global footprint through our high-tech laboratories based in Aberdeen (Scotland) and Cairo (Egypt), Noida (India), Basra (Iraq), Abu-Dhabi (UAE) and Al Ahmadi (Kuwait). Since becoming part of the Premier Oilfield Group in 2016 we also have laboratories in the USA (Denver, Midland, Oklahoma) with our head office based in Houston, Texas.

We believe that the data-driven energy industry is here and generating and sharing relevant data from rock and fluid samples is the key to more effective and efficient resource development. We have assembled world-class experts, laboratories, and platforms to produce data, make it readily accessible and help our clients apply the data effectively.

For more info contact Justin Green or visit us at

Click on the YouTube link to view our recent webinar on ‘Using high-resolution imaging and measurements to quantify performance in laboratory studies’.

RESMAN – safety sponsor

RESMAN is a global leader in wireless reservoir monitoring.

Innovative data acquisition technology to provide a LONG TERM, RELIABLE, RISK FREE reservoir monitoring.

Since the inception in 2005, RESMAN has focused on technology for downhole inflow monitoring of oil, water, and gas in production wells using unique intelligent tracers embedded in polymer matrix. RESMAN has been the market leader for this technology and continuously invest to broaden the scope of what the technology can offer.

With the wide range of products and services, RESMAN is committed to help its customers gain insights about their reservoirs, ultimately improving the effectiveness of their reservoir management decisions. RESMAN’s approach provides a profitable and risk-free solution to gain long-term insight into what is flowing where, how much, in what well and in which zone of the well, which is highly valuable input for oil companies in their quest to increase oil recovery.
RESMAN innovative chemical tracers are detectable at parts per trillion (PPT) concentrations and offer tracer life up to 10 years for inflow and over 30 years for interwell, without the risks and costs of well intervention or wired sensors.

With the value of information, derived by use of RESMAN’s proprietary Intelligent Tracer systems, its customers can make timely-decisions and optimize production.

RESMAN is committed to the protection of the environment with low carbon footprint and “Enhanced Oil Recovery” technology, which assist the operators to improve global environmental sustainability.

RESMAN tracers support Carbon Capture and Storage projects by acting as assurance that CO2 is contained in the desired sub-surface location.

Scaled Solutions


Scaled Solutions Ltd combine world-leading independent third-party laboratory testing with expertise and consultancy to solve your production chemistry and formation damage challenges, however complex.

Over more than twenty years, we have supported operators and vendors across the industry in improving and maintaining production, and in understanding and mitigating formation damage. A truly international company, we have bases in Livingston (UK), Abu Dhabi (UAE), Houston (USA) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Our flagship Livingston laboratory houses the largest Global research facility offering cutting-edge formation damage assessment including full-sequence HPHT drilling fluids testing, CO2 flow/CCUS, and advanced formation damage testing for WI/PWRI, EOR, acid stimulation/PVBT, as well as scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, wax inhibitors, asphaltene squeeze and other production chemicals. Scaled Solutions are global leaders in core flood development, having led the industry in producing guidelines for scale squeeze core flood testing and analysis as part of the highly successful international SWELL JIP, and development of the popular squeeze modelling software PlaceiT TM.

As well as core flood testing, formation damage and associated RCA/SCAL, Scaled Solutions are recognised globally as experts in scale control, corrosion, organics/wax testing and oilfield R&D. In recent years, our internal R&D programme has allowed us to develop a range of new services to meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients, such as acid stimulation modelling, CCUS testing capabilities, advanced wax & asphaltene flow loops, and pilot-scale testing with CFD modelling.

For further information, email us at, visit our website

Sinomine Specialty Fluids

Headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland, Sinomine Specialty Fluids (previously Cabot Specialty Fluids) is part of Sinomine (Hong Kong) Rare Metals Resources Co. Ltd. We supply cesium/potassium formate brine or formulated fluids for various drilling, completion, and intervention jobs. We operate globally with sales offices and stock points strategically located around the world. Our highly committed team contains the world’s most experienced and skilled group of formate fluid experts.

We believe in ‘performance through simplicity’. We don’t like to over-complicate matters, which is good, because we don’t need to. Cesium formate is unique. No other base fluid has such a mix of operation-enhancing qualities, which means additives are significantly reduced or cut altogether. It means that our fluids are truly multi-functional, providing operators with the flexibility to drill and complete in the same fluid. Cesium formate enables increased drilling, completion, and production performance through the simplest and most optimized approach to reservoir drill-in and completion operations

Tendeka – drinks reception sponsor

Tendeka is a global specialist in advanced completions, production solutions and sand management for the oil and gas industry.

From simple to complex well designs, the company has an extensive track record in enhancing productivity for clients’ reservoirs offshore and onshore. Tendeka invests in research and development, bringing to market disruptive technologies and offering solutions targeted to operators’ specific production challenges.

Established in 2009 and headquartered in Aberdeen, UK, Tendeka operates in strategically positioned bases, located at global energy hubs including the North Sea, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and USA.

To find out more, please visit:

TGT Diagnostics

TGT is the global leader in through-barrier diagnostics for the oilfield. We create products and technology that diagnose flow and integrity throughout the well system, from the wellbore to the reservoir, empowering our customers to make better decisions and improve asset performance.

Two decades of applied research and an enduring commitment to geoscience and technology innovation has enabled us to develop powerful diagnostic systems that see more – accurately and completely – giving our customers the truest picture of their wells and what’s happening in and around them, enabling them to transform their productivity.

Headquartered in the UAE, we employ more than 300 experts from more than 15 nationalities in 16 global locations.

THREE60 Energy – organising sponsor

THREE60 Energy Norway, formerly known as Ridge, is an independent well engineering company founded in 2011. The company was founded on the basis to be a different provider of expertise seeking new and better solutions to, and for, the O&G industry. THREE60 Norway has a team of more than 200 professional drilling, completions, well testing, subsea, intervention, HSEQ, facilities, production, reservoir, G&G engineers and more that provide project-based well engineering and consultancy services. In addition, we are supported by an international network of several hundred specialists through our sister companies in THREE60 Energy group (THREE60 Energy). We have offices in Stavanger (HQ), Bergen and Oslo, as well as in UK and US.

We became members of the THREE60 Energy Group in 2018. In May 2021 we went through rebranding and change of name to better align with the rest of the group, and is now called THREE60 Energy Norway AS.

THREE60 Energy is a leading independent energy service company offering complete asset life cycle expertise. The group was founded in 2017. THREE60 Energy consists of five service lines capable of supporting the full oilfield life cycle. The organizationis set up in an agile way to support our global clients, with offices in the UK, Norway, Australia, Malaysia and Taiwan.

Our mission is that by focusing on high-quality engineering we help our clients provide the world with better energy solutions. We do this as a team.

Better Energy – Together.



VitriTech, along with its close partner, Glass Technology Services develops and manufactures specialty glass products by exploiting the exceptional properties of glass, far beyond its traditional perceptions.  

Our products are specifically designed to deliver solutions to a wide range of problems where controlled chemical or biological reactions are required in difficult to reach locations, from deep underground to inside of the human body.  Glass compositions are designed to incorporate specific properties and characteristics needed to solve our customers challenges. 

Our glass-based solutions can be engineered to selectively react with minerals in the formation.  The reaction forms a mineral structure attached to the grains that strengthen the formation while either maintaining permeability or sealing the pore space, depending on desired solution.  These glass-based solutions are easy-to-apply: they are a single solution and initiation of the strengthening reaction requires contact with formation without need to treat the formation before or after. 

VitriReinforce and VitriSeal are novel glass-based solutions that react with formations to strengthen while maintaining permeability or seal.  These solutions are derived from over a decade of research and can be tailored to different properties in different formations.  VitriReinforce can easily be injected into low and high permeability formations to strengthen while maintaining permeability.  VitriSeal has the same injectability and strengthening effect yet forms an impermeable seal.  The glass compositions can be tailored to form a more brittle or plastic mineral structure.  Please join us to learn more about these glass-based solutions and the projects we are working on.

As well as being exhibitors Vitritech have recorded a webinar for you to view, simply click on the YouTube link below.